The Rise and Rise of Jarrod Lawson

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This October the phenomenon that is Jarrod Lawson arrives in Europe. With his brand of harmony laden and spiritually charged soul jazz he has taken the damage quality music world by storm.

I don’t think I can find an appropriate superlative to describe how gifted this young man really is and to make comparisons between him and Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Leroy Hutson and Stevie Wonder 2017 is in my opinion no way sacreligious as he is overly bestowed with all the qualities that have made the aforementioned into legends. For all that he has perfected his own trademark sound that is steeped in soul, jazz, gospel, latin and blues, all elements he has distilled to perfection to produce his seminal self titled debut lp.

I first came across Jarrod when he appeared as a guest vocalist on Jarrod acclaimed trumpet player Farnell Newtons 2011 lp ‘Class Is Now In Session’. Then in the autumn of 2013 Farnell, who is one of the mainstay brass section members for Prince and Jill Scott, posted a link to a sampler for Jarrods lp. A limited pressing was hastily snapped up by an appreciative fanbase and the rest as they say is now history. cheap nfl jerseys California born Jarrod is now based in Portland, Oregon and along with Farnell is deeply involved with the cities burgeoning soul/ jazz scene. His first exposure to music came as a child at his fathers recording studio he then further developed the joint skills of lyric and melody writing whilst at college.

During my 40 plus years of being an appreciative music collector I can only recall a handful of lp’s that have touched Review me so emphatically on first listen and continued to do so on subsequent listens. From the opening syncopated beats of ‘Music & Its Magical Way’, where Jarrod entreats us “welcome”, to the luscious closing flute, synth motif of ‘Gotta Keep’ you know you have been on a beautiful journey. A journey filled with harmonies so all embracing you nach have to catch yourself to stay rooted Tongue to the floor (‘All That Surrounds’ and ‘He’s There’ need special mention in that respect). He is also master of the jazz keyboard as is displayed so deftly in the soul/ latin jazz mash up of ‘Think About Why’. ‘Needed’ can only be described as a soul classic with it’s impressive arrangement and Jarrods sweet as cheap nba jerseys honey falsetto vocals.

What really stands out Month wth this body of work is the rich vain of spirituality in the lyrics and in the playing. This not cheap mlb jerseys only runs through the heart of this lp it in fact defines it. This, for me, gives this set a deep integrity which is so hard to find in the todays other current releases. Also did I forget to cheap jerseys mention the abundance of hooks and infectious basslines which are liberally sprinkled throughout these twelve perfect tracks - sorry how remiss of me. This really is a tour de force of quality and needs to be purchased if you are a true lover of soul/ jazz music. Without a doubt Jarrod Lawson is one of the artists of our generation.

Tony Minvielle (Foldedspace)
twitter @folded_space

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15 thoughts on “The Rise and Rise of Jarrod Lawson

  1. What can one say when they see/hear GENIUS?

    He has the perfect voice no matter the range he is singing in. I swear at 59 years old I thought that for the rest of my life I would simply be listening to my “historic” catalog of music from days gone by. I mean Eric Benet and other artist in the world today that I have heard are great. But this is PURE GENIUS.

    As they use to say about Ella and Sarah, “I could literally listen to him sing the New York phone book. The last timme I was so moved by a vocal artist that had NO WEAKNESS was when I heard D’Angelo. I have been looking or rather hoping for that “crack” hit of music every since.

    He has that “thing” that only the Maker can bestow upon you.

    And his originals are as powerful as his covers…frankly they stand on their own.

    That’s where is GENIUS truly resides.

    Mr. Lawson, your are GENIUS in it’s purest form.

    Barry King
    Fort Worth, Texas

    PS…Please let me know whenever you are performing within 200 miles of Fort Worth

    1. hello there barry! i’ll be in houston, tx on May 21st…opening for will downing and maysa at club tequila.

  2. I never imagined in my lifetime that another album could compare with all the early 70s Stevie wonder offerings , music , talking book , inner visions , first finale
    Even before I heard it from Jarrod himself i knew he had been touched by these albums
    It’s not to strong a statement to say this album has changed my life in terms of it’s spiritual uplifting feeling It gives me .
    Truly wonderful , can’t wait to see the man live !


  3. Great article; Jarrod is a phenomenon INDEED. This is real music that touches your soul and I can definitely say I’ll be a lifelong fan. I absolutely can not wait to see you live in Houston next month! 🙂

  4. I am so fortunate that a friend turned me on to Jarrod. He is outstanding. I could list the various ways, but previous comments have definitely covered that. I only wish him much deserved success, and I will spread the word about him as often as I can. He did an intimate set at NYC’s BB King’s, and I hope he will be back, but in the MAIN room, with lots of advertising, with his FULL band. This type of soul just isn’t heard anymore, and is sorely missed. Thank you, Jarrod, for touching me with your great music.

  5. Well said from Tony Minvielle who is no mean artiste himself. From the very first strains of ‘Walk in the Park’ as it was being played on the specialist Soul show on my local Jazz station about 15 or so months ago I was desperate to hear and know more about the artiste. Yes, that song’s all round excellence in every way imaginable hit me with the force of a thunderbolt! This didn’t happen till a few months later when I came across Chris Philips Mi-Soul Program on Mixcloud. Suffice to say I’ve since gone on to discover the rest of JL’s body of work and boy! on the strength of the debut album & his all round versatility this man is up there with the greats, JL’s got echoes of Donny, Marvin, Stevie, EWF, Steely Dan, D’Angelo running through his music- it does that amazing thing of being somewhat familiar yet being fresh and very individual all at the same time…& I cant sing its praises enough! This can only come from being first of all being imbued with an extraordinary talent & then being steeped in the traditions of the Soul genre. Don’t see you coming to Lagos, Nigeria anytime soon but seeing you & the Good People Live just got onto my bucket list. If you’re a ‘faux brother’ then please bring on more of this ‘faux’ Soul music.

  6. Man, have I been searching for this for a LONG time! On loop on my iPad and I am literally soaring in the clouds. Get back in the studio and keep us in the clouds …

  7. Jarrod…you are what I’ve been looking for….the music you sing is soulful…classy…jazzy and a lil bluesy…..when will you be on the east coast?… favorite song is Everything I need and I try to sing it just like you…my wife tells me I sound like you. You killed it when you dang the songs of Donny Hathaway. ..keep doing your thing brother!!!!!….

  8. Jarrod Lawson live in Tivoli-Utrecht yesterday, wow what a voice , what a band . Hope you will be back many times.Looking forward to your next album !

  9. Jarrod, your music touches me beyond description, no matter how many times I listen to it. Any song - name it! I’m listening now and all I can think is who IS this guy? Makes me want to buy you a cup of tea and sit down for a chat. No doubt, the convo would be rich and deep, just like your music. Keep doing what you do! Your presence on the music scene is such a huge rush of fresh air. THANK YOU. Oh! And when are you headed to the Triangle area for a concert? That would be Raleigh, Durham, Cary North Carolina…

  10. I can not stay playing this music…..original, fresh, stirring

    Just got introduced to Jarrod Lawson from the Bama Love Soul podcast……”WHEN WILL YOU CALL”…..simply fantastic brother….keep up the great work…….

  11. What an emotional find you are, Jarrod. As a chick who grew up in the underground of the jazz world, coming from a family of pro jazz-cats, I am truly blown away by your immense gifting.
    Continued blessings to you Jarrod and please let me know when and if you’re ever in Southern CA, or anywhere on the west coast. We’ll be there.

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