Jarrod Lawson Maida Vale Session “The Point of it All”

Jarrod Lawson, Chance Hayden and Farnell Newton at Maida Vale Studio doing the cover of Anthony Hamilton’s “The Point of it All”. It was an out of body experience to be in the place where legends like The Beatles and many more have recorded.
This recording is now on his first vinyl release available exclusively at www.soulbrother.com

10 thoughts on “Jarrod Lawson Maida Vale Session “The Point of it All”

  1. I just want to say “WOW”. Very, very nice….I am purchasing 2 cd’s right now. By the way, when are you coming to Detroit.

  2. Absolutely wonderful! Do you plan on visiting Atlanta, GA anytime soon? I may be able to recommend a great jazz promoter in the Atlanta area.

  3. Anthony Hamilton is one of my favorite artist and he oozes pure soul, but Mr. Lawson you too have it dripping from your veins. Your soulfulness gives me goose bumps and the way you sang The Point of It All was incredible. I just discovered you today on WCLK in Atl, Ga and downloaded your album which is soulful, uplifting with a gospel undertone.

    I absolutely love
    Your music. Thank you,

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