Jarrod Lawson talks to Oregon Music News about his sudden success

Jarrod Lawson talks to Oregon Music News about his sudden success. Also available in print form in Oregon Music News the Magazine. http://oregonmusicnews.com

4 thoughts on “Jarrod Lawson talks to Oregon Music News about his sudden success

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  2. Heard you for the first time, today … August 18, 2020 … and just finished listening to the whole CD … and I’m glad to find out that the lyrics that drew me in, were most intentional … and what an incredible vocalist you are that gets to deliver those vocals/lyrics, daily and the pianist that you are, to truly be able to pay attention to the details of those arrangements … BUT my question is, how are you going to recreate those soul-searing backing vocals of the release, if and when, you perform those tunes, LIVE ?? *hint … where/when the heck are those vocals auditions for that superband?!

  3. My goodness I came across your version of “I Wish” a few years ago and hadn’t heard it since. I thought I’d bring it back up and listen to it again and to my surprise you’re all over YouTube now. Jarrod your CD is amazing and with every song I listen to on it the smile I my face grows bigger. Great job, just amazing and beautiful work. My wife and I from Minneapolis and go to The Dakota Jazz Club quite often. If you’re ever up this way we would love to see you perform there…..peace brother!

  4. JL… stay humble… You will be pulled from all directions in the compass of life. You are an exceptional talent. Stay true to yourself and the music.

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